Fitness-Live welcomes foreign & international companies operating in Fitness, Health & Beauty industry!

It goes without saying that entry into the new market is always a challenge due to lack of knowledge about the local market, unawareness of potential consumers and business associates about ones company / product / service, need for additional resources (time, money, effort) in order to create awareness and further on knowledge about the company and loyalty to ones product / service.
Fitness-Live company provides companies eager to enter the Russian Fitness, Health & Beauty market with the opportunity to simplify and accelerate this process.

Your opportunities with Fitness-Live
  • Presence in the leading Russian social networking website dedicated to Fitness, Health & Beauty;
  • Awareness creation among potential consumers, distributors, retail chains, employees (fitness instructors, for instance) on the Russian market;
  • On the first steps substitute of the official website, later on the link between potential consumers and official website.
    • Our solutions for your company*:Within company account we offer number of effective instruments for your company promotion as well as business development in Russia in general:
      • Profile management, where company may provide information about the company, service description, photo gallery and other information;
      • Corporate blogging, where company may put the most contemporary information about the company, it’s products / service, events, sale offers;
      • Translation into Russian language of all the materials, provided by your company;
      • Publication of articles in other thematic blogs, discussion of other posts by company members;
      • Consulting for users in terms of company’s products / service / program;
      • Getting feedback from users (evaluation of company products / service).
      *Obviously the possibilities of company account correlate greatly with the phase of entering the market, as some of the solutions may be implemented only in case when company already has a representative in Russia